Wednesday, July 3, 2013

God Bless is July 4th 2013 !

In this time of my life our country is filled with strife. Our country was founded in times of great strife and the founders worked hard to address every issue possible to found a great country. We are a great country today and will become even greater as we work together to solve problems. We can begin at home, with our families. Families are the heart of America and returning solid values on built on a strong foundation is a good place to begin. Let us remember back to the first days of Independence. It took days to share the good news and it was received with shouts of hope and praise.  We have endured wars that threatened to tear down our country. We rose again. My parents lived in a time of Great Depression and we rose again. We have had our own recessions and we will rise again. I have great faith that we will.

God Bless America.