Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year!

May your resolutions  bring you joy and happiness and that your faith,  family and friendships are abundantly rewarding.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Keep Calm.....

This past fall I began to sell Thirty-One Gifts. What captured me was the opportunity to get great products that help me organize and m-a-t-c-h  everything in the bargain. Every month there is a great special that has allowed me to build my collection. I liked this idea so much that I called my consultant and asked her to sign me up.  It took a few weeks for us to get this taken care of, due to life's blessings and challenges, including the delivery of her brand new baby boy.

 In the meantime a new catalog came out and I got a brand new kit from that catalog. Our new catalog debuts on January 4th and I can't wait to celebrate the excitement of sharing the new products with my customers. January is full of resolutions and while that is all well and good, many of you know that I am still trying to get organized in my home. It takes more than the hour shown on the  Mission Organization program to get this done and change habits too.

For a peek at what I am so excited, take a look at my website:

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Four More Days....

My spirits are brighter tonight at the prospect of the next four days. They will be filled with family gathered together for laughter and lots of food. Sometimes the holiday season can be difficult for some because of expectations that cannot be met. Family dynamics are complicated so gatherings are not always welcome.

 I am at a point in my life where some of the things that used to get under my skin over the holidays just don't get that chance anymore. I am very lucky but it took a long time to get to this place. I feel for those who cannot say that but encourage you to keep trying.

 Now, I am going to go get some rest because tomorrow I will begin making treats and cookies and pans of lasagna for the first of the extended family gatherings.

 I wish you a Merry Christmas and pray that this year brings peace. 

Friday, December 14, 2012

Such a Time of Sorrow.

I am trying to understand what happened today in Newton Connecticut where so many lives were taken by a madman. So many children who will not be receiving their Christmas presents or squeal with delight any longer at simple pleasures of life. How their voices will be missed by parents who have had their hearts torn away today. I feel such a pit of sadness in my heart, wondering what is happening in our world. We need to come together and make this world a much better place for everyone.

I pray that God will help us understand each other better and guide us to live together as He intended. I pray also for patience so that I may be kind to those who I don't think deserve my kindness. I pray for the courage to speak up when I see things that are not right and to make the world a better place.

I cannot say one word that will make it easier for those left behind tonight after the shootings this morning; I can simply pray that it never happens again.

Sunday, December 9, 2012


The snow fell today!
Excitement is building
The season is here
The Snow Village is growing
Round rocks for eyes
Chose carrots or buttons for a nose
Hats and Scarves
Make a family of snow
Keep your spirits up with cheerful people of snow!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving to Everyone!
May your day be filled with a grateful heart
and a thankful nature toward those around you.
We are so blessed to have each other.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Get out the Vote!

I found this great picture on a Facebook post by the Mermaid of the Lake, sister bloggers whom I admire for all the positive things they write. Have you ever had a place to go online where you know you will feel positive just by reading their quote or thought for the day? These are the blogging friends I like to drop in with my morning cup of coffee.

Today is election day in our country. We are facing so many challenges, as the world beyond us. But, as a free country we have been blessed with the right to vote our conscience. If you have not voted yet today, please exercise that privilege and vote. The time it takes to do this is important to us all. And, if you don't vote, you missed your chance to discuss your feelings in the outcome of things that transpire over the next crucial four years.

Whether I cancel your vote or you cancel mine, the majority will decide and I honor that decision. Let us pull together, find common ground and get this country moving once more!

Monday, November 5, 2012

"The Fallen Leaves...."

This was taken two years ago
when the leaves were just turning!
The cleanup - phase one
Today I looked out my kitchen window only to look again and see that all the leaves had fallen from the maple tree! Every last one of them. Only last week I marveled at the wonders of the coral and scarlet mix so brilliant they looked translucent. A glorious gift only One could bestow on us. Autumn was at her finest last week and I truly appreciated it because I knew that too soon the wind would pick up and those leaves would be gone forever.
Raked up, composted and mulched into soil, the leaves that provided my own private curtain are gone.  Why is it that the beauty of the autumn colors is so much more fleeting than the brilliance of spring blossoms?

What a pile!
The nights are getting longer, days are getting chillier and home is where we stop to sip a hearty soup at the end of the day. My thoughts are turning toward Thanksgiving tonight and all the family gathered for a traditional feast. Pumpkins, pecans, chrysanthemums and of course turkey. Warm colors and hearty food to remind us of our harvests and of all the goodness saved with the long winter days in mind.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

October Super Storm....

As October ends amid storms let's pray for our fellow American family on the East coast. What a widespread force nature is! We often take for granted the power nature has over us yet these past few days she has gotten our attention.

Please Lord, help those who cry out for help in this storm. The devastation is no less than that left by an attack of terror. The walls of waves, the funneling of water in the darkest holes...the frightened men, women and children who look for protection need the help that only You can provide. Cleanup has begun and in the aftermath we pray that You will comfort those affected and will bring a new day for these people as they work to re-build their lives.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Making Those Pickles!

It has been a longer growing season and I am tempted to make another batch of dill pickles. Here is a recipe for brine I have used for many many years. It is simple so be prepared, making pickles is so much easier than many have thought and so much better than the jars on the shelves at the grocers.

4" pickling cukes (allow about a pound per jar)
Dill - big bushel of dill including stems and blossoms
Garlic - enough for 1-3 per jar

Place sprig of dill in each jar along with a clove or two of garlic. Add cucumbers, a bit more dill and  another clove of garlic, packing the jars full.

Brine for Dill Pickles a recipe from Jean Harper

6 cups water
2 cups white distilled vinegar that is 4-5% acetic acid (no homemade vinegar please)
1/2 cup pickling salt

Bring water, vinegar and salt to a boil in a nonreactive pan (aluminum, stainless steel, enamelware or glass)

Pour hot brine over cucumbers, dill and garlic
Run knife along inside edge of jars to remove any bubbles that may be in the brine.
Wipe edges with clean cloth.
Place hot lid each on jar, then follow with lid ring,

Process in hot water bath for 15 minutes. Remove jars to a table covered with folded towels. It will be a joy when you hear that first 'ping' or two, telling you your jars have sealed.

* If you have never canned before, please check with your local county extension office for the latest instructions for canning and preserving fruits and vegetables. Also check out Ball's website to learn this traditional home art.

Mardell (PinkGranny)

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Dill Pickles Dill Pickles and More....Dill Pickles

I have been making pickles for more than 30 years. It is a lot of work at times but it is fun work that makes you feel like you've accomplished something when you stand back and look at the lovely rows of colorful jars on the pantry shelf. Friends and family clamor for a jar to take home and it is satisfying to share the fruits of this labor.

My daughter Erin helped me make this batch. She could have made them by herself in the time it took me to prepare the multitude of garlic cloves needed to make these Kosher Dills. I could not keep up with her swift hand at the sink scrubbing cukes and filling  jars. 

The camaraderie in the kitchen is one of the best parts of the project. Time spent well with team work and bits of conversation as the process unfolds. "Did we make a double batch of brine?"  "How many cloves of garlic per jar?" "What time is soccer practice again?"  Setting the timer for processing and setting to the next batch jars and lids keeps things moving. 

Garlic and Dill add complexity to these treats. We traditionally open the first jar for Thanksgiving dinner. I think I am counting down the dates already! 

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Travels to Fort Spokane

Welcome to Fort Spokane! We traveled to Fort Spokane early this month.
This trek provided us with a glimpse into a past that is rich with history of frontier life.
We took the path around this building and discovered it is the old guardhouse of the fort.
The building, now a museum gives insight to life of the soldiers who served with uniforms they wore,
the weapons they used and a glimpse of the hard life these soldiers lived. 

I can imagine the view of the parade grounds that formed in front of this building while on the inside
there are two very small cells. The cots are still there as are the locks on the doors.
There is a small envelope sized door at the bottom of each door, just the right size to shove in the daily grub. 

 In later years this fort served as a boarding house for Native American children. There is a wealth of information on the history of the Agency Indian Schools and the daily life of the children who were so far from their homes. 
Remains of Bachelor Officer Quarters 

A closer look shows the remainder of the fireplace within the structure.

This structure appears to be a duplex as there are two separate quarters under one roof. Judging from the size of the other structures though it would surprise me if this building housed only two officers.

This self guided tour is worth the time it takes to explore and enjoy the natural area it surrounds.
We were joined on our walk by a deer walking parallel to us about 500 yards away.
She was as interested in us as we were in her. Her peaceful presence just added to our walk back in time.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Pages from my Scrapbook:Trains of Yesterday

Last week I spotted an announcement that Union Pacific was making a stop in our city on their 150th anniversary tour.  This was one opportunity I was not going to miss. 
As it happened, I went alone on a very hot day. It was worth it.

There was a time when I frequently saw
 engines like this one going down the tracks

I like this nostalgic setting at the station.
The lamps and benches paint

 a picture of men
 reading newspapers 

and mothers tending their tots
while waiting for their train to arrive.
Step up to the caboose but watch your step!
The polished railings were so bright
 I bet they were hot to the touch!

Imagine standing on the platform and waving goodbye. In this election year it reminds me of the old "Whistle Stop" campaigns
 of a bygone era.

A the Vista Dome or Observation Car.
 We used to love to go up top
 where one could get a better look on the ride
 through the mountains, seeing rivers and animals along the way.
The passenger line we traveled on was the Great Northern, now just a memory
of one of the many railroad lines that have been absorbed over the years;
 planes began to promise quicker travel. Sometimes in our days of technology though it
seems like a great escape to hop aboard a train and take a look at our country's back yard.  

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Finally! I bought THE cookbook

I finally bought The Pioneer Woman Cooks today. I do not know why I waited so long. After all she has another cookbook and two other books out now! I have a lot of cookbooks hanging around the house. Some in the cupboard, some in boxes in the basement. Still, after following Ree Drummond's blog for about four years, I just had a hankering for this book. Amidst the fabulous pictures of the recipes we get a glimpse of her life on the ranch with her growing family and of course, Charlie, the family dog who is so involved in their lives. It is a glimpse into Americana, a life of hard work, love and the spirit that be lost in a world of technology.

The first recipe I plan to make will be for the 4th of July! Patsy's Blackberry Cobbler with Blueberries to honor our Day of Independence July 4, 1776.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Last weekend we took our granddaughter Grace to the Seattle for a weekend getaway. We shopped, laughed, ate, shopped some more and took in some art and antiques. Grace took this shot of my husband Steve and I on one of our ferry trips across the Puget Sound. We explored the Alderwood Mall in Edmonds, had lunch at the American Girl Store Bistro (I know we're older than ten but fun is fun right?) shopped at the teen scene and of course some places for our patient driver to browse too. The next day we took the ferry to the Kittsap Peninsula and explored Port Townsend before stopping in Poulsbo for the night. None of us can decide the best part because it was all great. I wish I had a picture of Grace though...she is pretty camera-shy at 14, but then so was her mother at that age!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Water In My Ears Oh My.....

This is a picture of how I would like to swim someday!
Now that I am working harder on my freestyle stroke, I have experienced water in my ears! I have searched online to see if there are any 'new' ways to clear the ears without using a drop of alcohol in my ears. I have searched so many places I honestly don't remember how to correctly cite the pearls of wisdom I found. Several people swear by medicine cabinet cures such as the rubbing alcohol or a mixture of 50% vinegar with 50% alcohol while still others swear by a 2-1 combination of water and the alcohol.

I used rubbing alcohol alone a few times with success after wiping out on my water ski. I have an aversion to water sloshing around my ear canal because as a child I had chronic ear aches, infections and sessions with my (warm) hot water bottle on my pillow. After the earache was over, mother dropped hydrogen peroxide inside and swabbed it out after it produced warm tickling bubbles, cleansing the remains of liquid wax in my ears. Just a bit of that water takes me back to those days of wearing cotton in the aftermath of all that loving care for my ears.

I'd rather do without that but my wish to master this swimming begs the question or rather the answer to keep myself motivated and not the least bit squeamish to give it up. Every day I search for more ways to stay motivated enough to find solutions rather than excuses to keep going.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Swimming,Swimming, Swimming....

6:30 will be here before I know it and I will be hitting the pool for another swimming lesson. I am trying to master the art of breathing properly. I thought it would be easy but I have a tendency to panic. It is not that easy for me. It is work. Today my instructor gave me a drill to help with this problem. I swim two strokes, breathe, exhale under water and then repeat the same every two strokes on the free style swim.

I was holding my breath too long, gulping and at times panicking. The last lap was far less taxing once I practiced this new drill.

Tomorrow morning, I plan to focus on just two strokes at a time and blowing all my breath out, one bubble at a time.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Tuesday Motivation

It is too easy to lose motivation while making changes in our lives. This quote inspired me this morning about how important it is to stay focused on my goals.

“Rely on your own strength of body and soul. Take for your star self-reliance, faith, honesty and industry. Don't take too much advice -- keep at the helm and steer your own ship, and remember that the great art of commanding is to take a fair share of the work. Fire above the mark you intend to hit. Energy, invincible determination with the right motive, are the levers that move the world.” - Noah Porter, 1811-1892

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Breathing Lessons...

I am looking forward to my swimming lesson tomorrow morning.  I am trying to master breathing with my arms & legs...timing is everything, especially for a klutz like me. To add another twist to my latest venture in the pool, I agreed to meet my coach 15 minutes earlier @ 6:30 a.m...I am that determined!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Losing Weight Without Gimmicks....

I have been trying to lose weight for some time. I know how to do it but just have not gotten the surge of desire necessary to focus on  the process.  A year ago I joined a group of women and a nutritionist in a 6-month session focused on making all my calories count.
The program concentrated on counting calories and journaling every bite I ate. The first week was disappointing at the scale and over time I lost weight. But, celebrations and vacation came along and it was hard to get back on track. Now I have a sedentary job and need more creativity.

I am going to journal my journey on this blog. I will learn what works for me and what I need to avoid as quick fixes and fads. Lasting weight loss is my goal. I like real food in the real world and I am not going to count carbs, proteins or points. I am going to enjoy my food in reasonable portions.

I am getting more active. I started swimming lessons so I can swim real laps for fitness. I swam a lot at the pool growing up but the self taught fun is not the same as breathing properly and swimming with my eyes open. My instructor gave me a pair of goggles and a swimming cap to protect my hair. What a difference they make.  I just finished up my third week of lessons and to celebrate I bought myself a pair of real goggles. Tomorrow at 6:45 I will strap on these goggles and glide once more in the water. The rolling of my body, the kick and reaching with my hands will help me re-shape my body. It is fun, and I think I can stick with it. Why? Because I like it and my coach is helping me believe that I can do it and that is itself is a motivator.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Beautiful Summer Product Launch!

New products are available today!!!
Pre-order yours online by midnight Monday
and get 10% off!!!
Pre-order yours online by noon Monday and get 20% off!!! 

remember...always free shipping...always

Thursday, May 17, 2012

If It's May It Must Be Time for Lilacs!

"With every leaf a miracle … and from this bush in the door-yard,
With delicate-colour’d blossoms, and heart-shaped leaves of rich green
A sprig, with its flower, I break."
Walt Whitman—When Lilacs Last in the Door-Yard Bloom’d. III. Leaves of Grass.

I love this time of year with Lilacs blooming and sharing its special fragrance with us on our walks in the garden. We celebrate the Lilac in our city which is lucky for me...because in my family it was our traditional bouquet of springtime! My mother loved picking Lilacs, smelling Lilacs and sharing Lilacs!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

Today is a day to honor our mothers here and in heaven.  Spring is finally here and I am loving it. Yesterday we planted all of our flower pots and today I am just relaxing and enjoying the view.
As I type this I see our lilac bushes just beginning their glorious season. The Lilac Festival has begun and this is going to be one of those years when the lovely flowers will actually be blooming for the parade.

My dear Mother loved Lilacs and filled our home with jars and vases full of that fragrant blossom for as long as the season held out. We had a tall hedge along our yard, providing shade and privacy from a busy street. In our garden, we had a huge round bush that was a highlight of our block. From top to bottom, the blooms were so lovely that it gave many pleasure when mom cut large bouquets to share.

Mother has been gone for seventeen years yet I can still feel her pleasure in simple things of beauty. Those simple things are often the most wonderful things in life. Maybe because they seem to conjure up most of my memories.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Enjoy the dance...

Life is short and one thing that has always been a practice in my family is that sweet old saying "Always remember to kiss me goodnight."  Who said that? Who knows but it is wonderful that they did.  Life is precious so make time spent with your loved ones special. Life is to be experienced and  enjoyed. If I could I'd join that cow jumping over the moon or be like the dog who laughed to see such sport! 

Monday, March 26, 2012


Spring has been here for several days now and the closest we have been to spring-like weather was yesterday when it was close to 70.  We drove with the sun roof open and the sun warming our hearts like there would be no tomorrow. But tomorrow did come, and it poured buckets...then it snowed. It snowed last week between rain showers.  Maybe there is a reason I see more "wellie" type boots in the store. I am tempted to buy a bright red pair to match my bright red umbrella. By then, maybe the weather will "spring" back to warmer temperatures! In the meantime, I keep snugging into my sweater as much as possible!

Thursday, March 8, 2012


I volunteer for Susan G Komen for the Cure as the Public Policy Chair for my local affiliate, which serves 14 counties in Eastern Washington. As a Breast Cancer Survivor myself, I know the importance of advocacy and how it impacted my survivor rate. Many have no voice at all in their diagnosis or their treatment. Many have no idea how to go about getting a mammogram let alone choosing the right doctor who will treat them against all odds. I was so inspired to learn about Bridget, the young survivor whose story is a very real reminder of why I work as hard as I do so we can live in a world without Breast Cancer.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Spring Cleaning already?

I like to think I am organized and on the job that is who I am. At home I am the packrat and the one who will leave things on the counter or worse yet, on my sewing table! Last year I worked to organize this room but as with all spaces, all the best intentions can go awry and before you know it, bam! Back  at square one or worse!

This week when I couldn't find a pattern to loan to my student I vowed to find it and put it in between the doors. I did not find it and did not fulfill my promise. It has taken me twice as long to find things and that means one thing. It is time to clean it out and get realistic on what can and cannot enter that room. Instead of a haven this afternoon I want to close the door and think about it another day. This hampers my creativity. Not a good thing. Mission Organization I am coming back for another dose.  I want it to look at least at organized as these pictures from when I began last time.  It isn't going to happen over night or over a week. This time I have to purge things that have nothing to do with sewing that landed on the spot for lack of anywhere else to go.

Does anyone else do this?

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Happy Leaping Leap Year!

Leap Year is here only once in four years! Imagine having your birthday on February 29th. My dear late Aunt Eleanor was a Leap Day baby, born on that day in 1904. I calculated how old she would be in "leap birthdays" and she would be a mere 27 years old.

I was frightened of my Dad's older sister and for no good reason other than she was a tall large strict woman. As I grew older and far long after her death I learned so much about this kind woman that if she were alive we would have been close. least as close as possible for a woman born to German immigrants on a Midwest farm where "children were seen and not heard."  As the oldest daughter with a lot of responsibility, she put up with no nonsense and expressed herself with a booming voice that made one stop to give pause. She never stopped being my Dad's big sister and in their quiet remote ways I know they loved each other as only brothers and sisters can do.

She was a peacemaker, a great cook, compassionate, generous and loved to play pinochle.  She had a great capacity to love behind a facade that was in keeping with her old ways.

I celebrate her birth 108 years ago. I wonder...would she have celebrated March 1st or February 28?

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Whew! What a Week...

This week I started a new 'day job' at a wonderful university in our city. It has been an exhausting week and I have a feeling that this weekend I will vegg out with a good book or Downton Abby marathon. I am not whining but it is tough getting into the routine.

My husband gets home from work before I do and he has had dinner ready every time I have walked in the door this week. Last night the aroma of tender baked chicken greeted my senses when I opened the door. Little things mean a lot to me and those little things show so much love.

 I received the following blog post from Tracie Miles in my email box earlier this week. Take a peek and see if you can identify with her in any part of this post. I know for myself, it struck a chord.  Happy Thursday!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day

I have fond memories of making my valentines mailbox in school.  It was most often made from a shoe box but once we decorated oatmeal boxes. Decorating that cylinder was challenging yet fun. I had dreams of the perfect mailbox made from that canister. I am sure the finished result was a masterpiece to my young little girl's enchanted eyes. Today there will be a lot of excitement for children celebrating this day of love with pink cookies and cupcakes. Conversation hearts will be read as each child accepts that personal message from a boy or girl and takes the message to heart. 

I wish you all a wonderful day this Valentines Day, a day of love and memories.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Remembering Whitney Houston

Tonight I remember Whitney Houston, a woman with a golden voice. I remember her singing The Greatest Love, a song I learned at a time I needed those words the most. I first heard this song sung by another woman but embraced it again when Whitney recorded it. You see, my children were in school by then and these words resonated for them. It became a popular song for the choirs to sing at school performances. The kids eagerly waiting for  us to hear them sing a cool song , one that was so popular, so hip with the times. As I look back I remember the times I heard her sing. I loved the movie The Bodyguard and hoped that in the end she would marry Kevin Costner's character and live happily ever after. I loved her singing One Moment in Time and of course, the Star Spangled Banner. Not many people can sing that wonderful song to my picky ears and linger on as a good singer in my book. She did. As I remember her tonight, I remember her as a beautiful, talented woman whom I hope will rest in peace. Her voice lingers on through technology and when we hear it again on the radio it will take us back to times we remember because of her, singing a this!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A Penny Saved....

Benjamin Franklin said a "Penny saved is a penny earned"....the same thing doesn't apply to pounds...too bad they are harder to "spend" than pennies! 

Sunday, January 29, 2012

A great day for a long drive.....

Yesterday, we took a long drive down through the Palouse, a farming region south of our home. We drove to Uniontown WA, where the Dahmen Barn holds court for artists of many mediums. The talent ranges from stunning watercolors, photography, jewelry and fiber arts, pottery and other forms of delightful art. I love this barn, lovingly restored to its beauty from days gone by. These frosty wheels are just a couple of many sizes and types that make up the fence along the barn.  the inside of the barn has three floors. You can visit a visiting artist in residence, take a class or simply spend your time enjoying the art as my husband and I like to do. There are tourists visiting with cameras, photography clubs taking advantage of many views to capture and art students who enjoy being able to express their view of this Palouse treasure.  I bought a lovely pair of handcrafted earrings, made by a local artist. I also purchased a bag of Joseph's Grainery Multigrain Pancake Mix at the barn. This is a family business spanning five generations over 70 years near Colfax WA. in the heart of the region. This is a close to the farmer as you can get for whole grain goodness. My family loves these pancakes, especially gathered around the big table at the cabin. Whether with huckleberry or pure maple syrup, these have become a tradition!  What a lovely trip it was and we were back for dinner and the comfort of our own home.  I love our area, so close to nature, so close to traditions that are a big part of the western part of the country.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Google+, Stumble Upon....

There are so many ways to connect on the web. Does anyone use Google+ or Stumble Upon?

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Nutrition and Health

On any given day, especially in January, we are bombarded with commercials and magazine ads on diet, exercise touting the best way to lose weight. I have shared in the past my desire to get back to a healthier weight. I have not done that yet. There! I said it out loud. I have this weight that keeps hanging on like a clingy friend who won't let loose. That said, I have made progress.

I think one piece that is missing from many of our weight loss goals is learning how to eat and what to eat. Good whole foods are the best. I know some of you may think that is an expensive option. Take a trip around the grocery store and compare foods and prices. Look at serving sizes, nutrition and how many how many items on the label that you can't pronounce. What is this unpronounceable ingredient? Will it make it taste better, look better or last longer? Enough said.

I follow a blog called Musings of a Housewife and today her post about Food Safety VS Nourishment inspires me to push myself to challenge myself to really get off my duff and look in the pantry.  I'll weigh in next week to check my progress not only on the scale but also how well I feel.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

My Photostream is up on Flickr

More Designs by Inspired by GraceParty DressesLounging around...Coordinating Ensemble in Spring PrintEarly American InspiredRuthie in her new dress
Taking a break from the photo shootLove the lines of this dressFall ApronGrace's Sling Bag0730011105aJoining the body of the bag to the yoke/sling handles....
We chose Amy Butler's Birdie Sling pattern for Grace's bagFabric Challenge with Jay McCarroll's Habitat

Check out my new photostream on Flickr!

Creating a space for my sewing really paid when I look back at the projects I created within the past 6 months. Doll clothes, aprons, bags and more. It was a challenge to get the room set up and it is constantly evolving. My mind is often racing with ideas and the next thing I will invest in is a drawing pad to jot these ideas I dream up in the course of the day. I can't wait to see what happens in the next 6 months and I hope you will share your feedback on my projects.