Sunday, February 12, 2012

Remembering Whitney Houston

Tonight I remember Whitney Houston, a woman with a golden voice. I remember her singing The Greatest Love, a song I learned at a time I needed those words the most. I first heard this song sung by another woman but embraced it again when Whitney recorded it. You see, my children were in school by then and these words resonated for them. It became a popular song for the choirs to sing at school performances. The kids eagerly waiting for  us to hear them sing a cool song , one that was so popular, so hip with the times. As I look back I remember the times I heard her sing. I loved the movie The Bodyguard and hoped that in the end she would marry Kevin Costner's character and live happily ever after. I loved her singing One Moment in Time and of course, the Star Spangled Banner. Not many people can sing that wonderful song to my picky ears and linger on as a good singer in my book. She did. As I remember her tonight, I remember her as a beautiful, talented woman whom I hope will rest in peace. Her voice lingers on through technology and when we hear it again on the radio it will take us back to times we remember because of her, singing a this!

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