Monday, March 26, 2012


Spring has been here for several days now and the closest we have been to spring-like weather was yesterday when it was close to 70.  We drove with the sun roof open and the sun warming our hearts like there would be no tomorrow. But tomorrow did come, and it poured buckets...then it snowed. It snowed last week between rain showers.  Maybe there is a reason I see more "wellie" type boots in the store. I am tempted to buy a bright red pair to match my bright red umbrella. By then, maybe the weather will "spring" back to warmer temperatures! In the meantime, I keep snugging into my sweater as much as possible!

Thursday, March 8, 2012


I volunteer for Susan G Komen for the Cure as the Public Policy Chair for my local affiliate, which serves 14 counties in Eastern Washington. As a Breast Cancer Survivor myself, I know the importance of advocacy and how it impacted my survivor rate. Many have no voice at all in their diagnosis or their treatment. Many have no idea how to go about getting a mammogram let alone choosing the right doctor who will treat them against all odds. I was so inspired to learn about Bridget, the young survivor whose story is a very real reminder of why I work as hard as I do so we can live in a world without Breast Cancer.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Spring Cleaning already?

I like to think I am organized and on the job that is who I am. At home I am the packrat and the one who will leave things on the counter or worse yet, on my sewing table! Last year I worked to organize this room but as with all spaces, all the best intentions can go awry and before you know it, bam! Back  at square one or worse!

This week when I couldn't find a pattern to loan to my student I vowed to find it and put it in between the doors. I did not find it and did not fulfill my promise. It has taken me twice as long to find things and that means one thing. It is time to clean it out and get realistic on what can and cannot enter that room. Instead of a haven this afternoon I want to close the door and think about it another day. This hampers my creativity. Not a good thing. Mission Organization I am coming back for another dose.  I want it to look at least at organized as these pictures from when I began last time.  It isn't going to happen over night or over a week. This time I have to purge things that have nothing to do with sewing that landed on the spot for lack of anywhere else to go.

Does anyone else do this?