Sunday, July 29, 2012

Travels to Fort Spokane

Welcome to Fort Spokane! We traveled to Fort Spokane early this month.
This trek provided us with a glimpse into a past that is rich with history of frontier life.
We took the path around this building and discovered it is the old guardhouse of the fort.
The building, now a museum gives insight to life of the soldiers who served with uniforms they wore,
the weapons they used and a glimpse of the hard life these soldiers lived. 

I can imagine the view of the parade grounds that formed in front of this building while on the inside
there are two very small cells. The cots are still there as are the locks on the doors.
There is a small envelope sized door at the bottom of each door, just the right size to shove in the daily grub. 

 In later years this fort served as a boarding house for Native American children. There is a wealth of information on the history of the Agency Indian Schools and the daily life of the children who were so far from their homes. 
Remains of Bachelor Officer Quarters 

A closer look shows the remainder of the fireplace within the structure.

This structure appears to be a duplex as there are two separate quarters under one roof. Judging from the size of the other structures though it would surprise me if this building housed only two officers.

This self guided tour is worth the time it takes to explore and enjoy the natural area it surrounds.
We were joined on our walk by a deer walking parallel to us about 500 yards away.
She was as interested in us as we were in her. Her peaceful presence just added to our walk back in time.

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