Thursday, June 28, 2012

Water In My Ears Oh My.....

This is a picture of how I would like to swim someday!
Now that I am working harder on my freestyle stroke, I have experienced water in my ears! I have searched online to see if there are any 'new' ways to clear the ears without using a drop of alcohol in my ears. I have searched so many places I honestly don't remember how to correctly cite the pearls of wisdom I found. Several people swear by medicine cabinet cures such as the rubbing alcohol or a mixture of 50% vinegar with 50% alcohol while still others swear by a 2-1 combination of water and the alcohol.

I used rubbing alcohol alone a few times with success after wiping out on my water ski. I have an aversion to water sloshing around my ear canal because as a child I had chronic ear aches, infections and sessions with my (warm) hot water bottle on my pillow. After the earache was over, mother dropped hydrogen peroxide inside and swabbed it out after it produced warm tickling bubbles, cleansing the remains of liquid wax in my ears. Just a bit of that water takes me back to those days of wearing cotton in the aftermath of all that loving care for my ears.

I'd rather do without that but my wish to master this swimming begs the question or rather the answer to keep myself motivated and not the least bit squeamish to give it up. Every day I search for more ways to stay motivated enough to find solutions rather than excuses to keep going.

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