Monday, March 1, 2010

I love Victorian Pictures....

There is something so appealing about children in these old pictures. It tugs at my heartstrings and reminds me of a simpler time. Not my time but stories of those times. I remember a picture of my father taken to commemorate his First Holy Communion. It was a very formal picture and he looked so angelic in his knew britches and jacket, so solemn and calm. I wish I would have known him then so that I could glimpse at his parents and his brothers and sisters! My grandparents on my Dad's side died before he met my mother and that is a part of his life that has always been such a mystery to me. He was such a quiet man, although he could certainly get us to toe the line rather easily! He used to say that when he was a child, "Children were to be seen and not heard!" That would have been hard in my family as my parents had 11 children. We were a lively bunch so it is a good thing our home was big and our yard big enough to have plenty of adventures.

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  1. Hi pink granny! It was so nice to meet you and Erin and Grace! Thanks for stopping by to see me and stopping by my blog!


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