Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Between Bargains and Errands

I love a bargain; that is part of who I am. I have been feeling a new surge of creativity this fall and haven’t decided what to attribute it to. Is it the weather or those new vitamins? No matter, it is probably one of those mysteries that will present clues for me to see in the days or weeks ahead.
But getting back to bargains I got a great deal on an autumn wreath today. It was 60% off the original price so after hemming and hawing, I put it in the shopping cart. It was the right size and decorated in a pleasing manner. It was just a little thin but that’s an easy fix. This was very close to the wreaths I liked in the seasonal mail-order catalogs. I found my way to other autumn decorating treasures and I found a pick that matched the leaves on the wreath!
Knowing I had the rest of what I wanted at home, I took my turn in line. The clerk was one of the friendliest I have seen in that store in ages. She looked at the wreath and noticed it looked thin. Did I want a different one? No, I told her I would be fine with it as is. So she said she’d discount it further. She knocked an additional $3.00 off the sale price. I can’t remember the last time someone so willingly offered a discount like that to me. More interesting than the bargain though was how thoughtful this young lady was in providing me excellent service, something I didn’t expect! We will enjoy this wreath until the day after Thanksgiving when Christmas decorations come out at my house.

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