Tuesday, January 8, 2013

How is your winter shaping up?

Winter is always as full of discussion as any other season. We think it will be calm and quiet with the shorter days but not so in my neck of the woods.

Look who else is serious about projects!
We have football playoffs made more exciting because of the Seattle Seahawks....
Movies to watch...The Hobbit, Abraham Lincoln, Les Miserables...holiday afterglow....taking down the decorations, eating the leftover goodies....
post-holiday dieting and exercising....who knew there were so many gadgets to make you look young, fit and enticing...or so many 'diet' foods that don't taste so hot but will shed pounds forever!
Snow days....or parts of days as it can happen in the northwest and next up will be the winter freeze. Comfort food to warm you up and remind you that healthy nutritious food is always the best...walks in the mall to avoid the mall...just pack the wallet with your ID along with coins for coffee!   January birthdays where we linger at the table over home made carrot cake...Valentine's Day and St Patrick's Day to brighten the months of February and March and soon after that it will be Easter and the promise of spring in the Northwest with rain, more rain before the sun helps our gardens grow again. Winter seems long on days like today but it is only going to be here a short time more so to make the most of it I am going to get serious about fun things I always think I am too busy for. My secret to finding more time will be to watch less TV. That gives me an extra two hours a night for things I really like to do.


  1. Keeping busy gets us to Spring all the quicker. And I'm already itching to get to Plantland and set my fingers in the dirt.

    1. I am looking forward to seeing the greenhouses open in our area too!


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