Monday, February 17, 2014

Loves Sweet Beginnings

Love's Sweet Beginning (Sisters at Heart #3)In the years following the Civil War, a young woman named Cassie Haddon and her mother struggle after losing everything. How can two women used to living a life with servants in a fine home make it on their own.  The story unfolds to show how determined Cassie was to step in to provide a home for her mother. With no skills this proves difficult. In the predictable sense of a good story, she finds a job and works hard to build a home for herself and her mother. What is important is how she accomplishes this in a  time when ladies don't work with their hands and need the protection of a strong man.

Ann Shorey's characters in this novel are strong people who represent the strength of character necessary to build the great country we live in today.  Cassie's mother, a helpless widow used to fine things. Jacob West who owns the restaurant and grocery hailed from Boston. Wash and Becca, former slaves who come together for a new life in freedom.  All of the characters in this story become as changed as the times they lived in.  History, romance and a deep faith make Love's Sweet Beginning a good story to be read with a good cup of tea.

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  1. Thank you so much for the great review of Love's Sweet Beginning, Mardell. I'm so glad you enjoyed Cassie's story. :)


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