Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Whimsical Wednesday....

Fiebiger J'Adore Pink Ankle Strap Heels
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I have been off from work for a week now recovering from foot surgery. I am now in touch with my inner being, read 4 books and looked at every category on Facebook and perused a lot of Pinterest Boards.  I have watched the entire season of Drop Dead Diva. I am only now pondering who will marry Jane or who will bring Marshmallow Pops for Easter...after all the choices for both are intriguing.

Flora Suede Point Toe Pump
I must say that I am ready to have my stitches out so I can get moving again. I told my doctor last week  that my goal for the surgery was NOT to wear stilettos. All in all there are some great looking shoes out there on Pinterest!

oh, this brings out the kid in me (which never really left anyway)  CAN YOU SAY Pumped up Kicks?

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  1. Pointy toed heels is where I got in trouble ... bunions!! Surgery on one foot so painful I will live with the other gnarly foot. Every time I see someone wearing those gawd awful tortuous shoes, I give them the scenario they will face down the road.


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