Friday, November 28, 2014

The Christmas Cat for Your Christmas Reading List

I recently read The Christmas Cat by Melody Carlson for review. The story is about young Garrison Brown and his unlikely task of finding homes for his grandmother's six cats after she passes away.  The will is unconventional and there is strict criteria for each adoptive cat owner.
The Christmas Cat
While he is looking for new homes for the cats, Garrison stays at his Gram's home. He is severely allergic to cats and must wear a mask and keep his bedroom barricaded in order to be comfortable. The home has many memories for Garrison since he came to live with his grandmother after his parents died. It was only after Garrison left for college that she got her first cat to fill the void he left in the house.

The story is heartwarming as we meet the people who are connected by these cats.  From Ruby, the widow next door to the young and pretty Cara each has their own story as they touch Garrison and help him find his true calling.

This is a nice story for an afternoon by the fire with a cup of cocoa and a cat at your feet!

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