Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Sand In My Sandwich: An Impartial Review!

9780800724108_p0_v1_s260x420When I began reading Sand in My Sandwich by Sarah Parshall Perry it reminded me of hearing my mother reading to us at night. Her humor was entertaining and she got a lot of joy from reading about the mishaps that happen in homes with small children.  I enjoyed reading how Sarah began her journey as a law student on the recommendation of a Grad Student in the college career center based on what she would like to wear to work: "Um. A Suit."  "Well, there you go! I think your answer is Law School."  This is how as shy introverted young woman pursued her career in law. It was great learning how she met her husband at a church youth leader retreat that she nearly didn't attend.

Motherhood brought many of the usual mishaps we expect but Sarah and her husband Matt are parents of two boys on the autism spectrum. Her middle child, a daughter truly adds dimension to the family. Sarah speaks like it is and I admire her seemingly unflappable approach to raising her family. Her normal day is about as routine as any young mother's in that there is no routine and it is about being flexible, caring and keeping it your cool as much as possible.

I have worked in the classroom with children on the autism spectrum and it was a very rewarding experience. I love their approach to learning and their intelligence. I applaud Sarah for sharing her life with us in such a way that is inspiring and entertaining. I respect the challenges and hoops that are part of her family's life that we cannot imagine. She brings new awareness to living with autism. Yes it is a challenge but one that she and her husband Matt believe is a good life with many blessings.  Thank you to Revell for the advance copy. It has been an inspiration to read.

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