Thursday, September 3, 2015

Fiction Friday: Hope Harbor

It is no secret, I love the Oregon Coast. One look at this inviting cover and I knew a treat was waiting when I started turning pages. Irene Hannon is such a versatile writer that I am always intrigued when I see another book offered. All these things considered, I knew I had some good reading waiting when I hit the beach on vacation last week.

Cover ArtThe story unfolds when widower Michael Hunter arrives in Hope Harbor only to find the one and only motel in town closed until further notice. A chance encounter with a food truck owner and a bitter old woman start a chain of events that keep Michael from driving to another coastal town for his sabbatical.

Tracy Campbell comes from a long line of cranberry growers who along with her uncle struggle to keep their legacy alive while other growers were selling out to big money growers.  She juggles her work on the farm and works late into the night with her CPA business.

Michael and Tracy met his first day in town. They got off on the wrong side of the curb so to speak when he walked into the street causing her to wreck her bike. Groceries ruined, and sporting a few bruises Tracy knew this menace too Hope Harbor was to be avoided at all costs.

The story has a way of weaving together many people who normally would not seek each other out.  The same people, once caught by these chance encounters find themselves breaking out on the edge of their comfort zones. God has a way of doing that to us when we need it most and the results are surprising.

Irene Hannon is a talented author who can make you fall in love with romance or sit on the edge of your seat with suspense filled drama. The surprises in the end are not in happy ever afters or who loves whom but how do all of these people connect and why does it matter?  Pick up a copy of Hope Harbor and find out!   You can purchase it any of your favorite online booksellers or try your local bookstore. This is one book that is a keeper because it has love, forgiveness and a whole lot of possibilities inside.

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