Monday, February 29, 2016

Reviewing: Amish Sweethearts!

Recently, I enjoyed reading Amish Sweethearts Book 2 in the Neighbors of Lancaster County Series. When Zane Beck moved to Lancaster County with his family as a boy he found a good friend in his new neighbor Lila Lehman.  They played together, laughed together and he shared his love of knowledge with her. Lila, an Amish girl, left school after eighth grade as was tradition, but continued her studies vicariously through discussions with Zane and borrowing his books.

AmishSweethearts_NewHer mother died young, leaving Lila as oldest daughter to help her strict step-father run the household and care for the rest of the family.  

As they grew older, Zane knew he had feelings for Lila and although Lila felt drawn toward Zane, she was determined not to marry an Englischer and leave her faith. She was courting the bishop's son and one day they would marry, a happy circumstance for Lila's step-father Tim.  Zane planned to go to college in the fall, leaving her behind, but after an argument on the matter, Zane surprised everyone by enlisting in the Army. He left without telling her goodbye and found it convenient to avoid coming home on his leaves. 

The story shares some of the conflicts between the modern world we live in and the Amish, who are pacifists, opposing all war.  Finally home on leave after his mother's pleas, he sees Lila by chance right before being shipped out to  Afghanistan.  She has not married yet, having put it off many times for many reasons. In the years that pass in their story, Zane and Lila discover time and distance do not change the way they feel about each other. 

Circumstances bring them together again and could change their paths forever.  Can she leave her faith and live in his world?  Can he leave behind his world to join hers?  The answer is in the story and it is a compelling one. I recommend this book for the joy of reading and also for the feelings you will have for this young couple who face seemingly insurmountable obstacles along their way through the pages.  Leslie Gould is a noted author who does her research and develops her characters well.  I have enjoyed 

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