Sunday, April 17, 2016

Keep Guessing with A Fool & His Monet

A Fool and His MonetSandra Orchard introduces Serena Jones, a young, vibrant FBI Art Crime Agent in A Fool & His Monet. When two paintings are discovered missing from the Forest Park Museum, Serena is quietly called to the scene by her friend Zoe David, head of security. Following renovations at the museum, Zoe isn't quite sure when the Monet and Rijckaert went missing so no publicity is the best publicity on this case.

As the story unfolds Serena is joined by  her Aunt Martha, an expert television crime show fan along with her mentor Tanner and apartment complex manager Nate. Red herrings surface along the way to the solution, but not before we meet Serena's mother, who is eager to marry her off before she gets killed in the line of duty and her father, a quiet college professor.  Dinner time is a hoot as they discuss cases, Serena's love life and Aunt Martha's tips to catch the thief!

No spoilers around here and there are a few, believe me.  I was intrigued how the author organized the crime and the extremes the criminal went to in order avoid being caught. What began as a seemingly easy heist lead to murder and mayhem that all seemed unrelated until Serena came on the scene.  All in all if you like mysteries, give this one a try. Good plot, fun characters and an author who does her research!  Sandra Orchard has another Serena Jones mystery in the works so be ready for another art crime caper.

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