Sunday, May 8, 2016

The Calm Before the Storm Awaits In The Quieting

Suzanne Woods Fisher has written about the Amish in Stoney Ridge for years.  I have enjoyed reading about the families of this community as though I were catching up with old friends.  The Quieting, in the Bishop's Family Series (Book 2)  is no exception.  The characters come to life and I find myself cheering them on or shaking my head.
David Stotlzfus, widowed father of six is one of the ministers at the Amish Church.  He is at odds with Freeman Glick, the Bishop over a matter that could have lasting implications for their church leadership.  David is a thoughtful, caring man without a competitive nature who wants what is right for his church. 

As he wrestles how to handle this he has a surprise visit by his domineering mother and two grown nieces. They plan to fix David's household, lend support in the church matter and reorganize his small store.  David's mother Tillie, aka "Mammi the Meddler" keeps her finger in every pie and in doing so exasperates all who love her dearly.  

Mammi brings along Laura and Gabby (Abigail) as reinforcements. Abigail, a very serious and literal young woman assists her father with his work in genealogy.  She is secretly pleased to be there in order to complete a study for a client in Stoney Ridge.  Finishing up the study is her main goal but not before she meets a young man who has eyes only for her. Not as socially equipped as her sister, Gabby has struggles of her own to manage before she unfolds an interesting leaf on the Glick family tree.

There is a community within the pages of this book and the members come together to tie things up nicely. From mis-matched matchmaking to drilling for oil, there is never a dull moment in Stoney Ridge.  I heartily recommend this book but not before you have read The Imposter where this story begins.  Both books could be standalone, but reading both enriches the story. I am already looking forward The Devoted, (Book 3) due for release in October 2016.

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