Monday, August 8, 2016

Reviewing Honor Redeemed

Honor Redeemed, by Christine Johnson is Book 2 in the Keys of Promise Series.  Our story begins when our heroine, Prosperity Jones has lost her mother after a long illness. Having lost her father years before, she has no other family, no home and just enough money to book passage from Nantucket Island to Key West. Her betrothed, Lt. David Latham, an engineer with the U.S. Army left her two years before our story begins. They plan to marry and when his tour of duty in Key West is complete he will come for her.  He has been hard at work with his men building Fort Zachary Taylor, a major project.  She is determined that he will be glad to see her. Once he knows about the loss of her mother he will ask her to marry him. All her troubles will be over.

However, even the best of plans or dreams must be laid to rest if fate intervenes. Upon arrival, she discovers that he hadn't waited six years for her as he said they must, but he was married to someone else!  Brokenhearted and with no funds to return home, she finds work as the laundress in a hospital.  Determined to support herself, she finds lodgings and friendship within the home of an honorable young family.  She had also found friendship and protection under a Dr.  Goodenow, a kindly gentleman who sees her as much more than a helpless young woman.
Her friendship with Dr. Goodenow brought her face to face with David and his wife when he enlisted her help as a nurse.  Just as Prosperity hoped to put her past behind her, she can't seem to avoid the handsome Lieutenant who had so long ago captured her heart.

Product DetailsDavid has troubles of his own without facing Prosperity. He is ashamed that he had married another woman after pledging his heart to her.  He was set on making the marriage work even though he did not love his wife. His project at the fort was also beset with problems.  Work was not progressing as scheduled and building materials were coming up missing.  His honor comes into question as the problems escalate.  Prosperity loved him through it all and by chance learned the truth of the whole matter.

As the story progresses Prosperity grows into a strong woman who seems to face everything dealt to her. Her strong faith and the support of her good friends help her face whatever she is dealt with. This is a story with all the elements of a romance. The setting in Key West gives us a glimpse into 1852 when our country was still young and undeveloped. Building that historical fort in those days was very challenging in so many ways and Christine Johnson illustrates the life on the fort very well.  

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