Sunday, September 30, 2018

Sister Agatha & Father Selyn Sleuth Again in The Hour of Death by Jane Willan

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Sister Agatha and Father Selwyn make sleuthing a work of art. But will they paint themselves into a corner when they investigate the Village Art Society president’s death?As Yuletide settles upon Gwenafwy Abbey, the rural Welsh convent’s peace is shattered when Tiffany Reese, president of the Village Art Society, is found dead on the floor of the parish hall. Sister Agatha, whose interests lie more with reading and writing mystery stories than with making the abbey’s world-renowned organic gouda, is not shy about inserting herself into the case. With the not-entirely-eager assistance of Father Selwyn, she begins her investigation.

Sister Agatha has no shortage of suspects to check off her naughty-or-nice list, until finally, Tiffany’s half-brother, Kendrick Geddings, emerges as the prime suspect. There never was any love lost between Tiffany and Kendrick, and of late they had been locked in a vicious battle for control of the family estate. But if Sister Agatha thinks she has the case wrapped up, she’ll have to think again.

As the days of Advent tick by, Sister Agatha is determined to crack the case by Christmas in The Hour of Death, Jane Willan’s perfectly puzzling second Sister Agatha and Father Selwyn Mystery. thoughts....

  This is my first Sister Agatha and Father Selwyn mystery! Author Jane Willan has really set up quite a mystery in the little village surrounding Saint Anselm's.  So many suspects and so little time before Christmas!  The clues are in abundance yet seem to take a turn as yet another suspect is added or deleted from Sister Agatha's purple notebook.  

I do enjoy a good mystery and this one has a lot to offer. The writing is so descriptive I could easily see myself sitting in the back booth at the Buttered Crust for a cup of Glengettie tea and a cranberry scone.  In the end, all is neatly tied, minus the bow on a Christmas package.  No spoilers here but I  will recommend this book without hesitation to anyone who enjoys a mystery. The setting in Wales at Christmas is just a bonus!  I received an advance reader copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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