Sunday, May 19, 2019

Waisted by Randy Susan Meyers is an insightful look at women who long for society's perennial perfect body.  They long for it so much they are willing to do anything to achieve what they believe is impossible to do on their own.  Set in a remote Vermont countryside, the exclusive program promises quick transformation in a few short weeks.  The price in dollars is quite expensive but the price in human dignity and depravity is priceless.  Alice and Dephne quickly discover that there while they agreed to be filmed during the program, much more is going on behind the camera. 

This book, while showing the extremes of an expensive weight loss camp, is entertaining, yet sad at times.  It shows how tied we are to our weight because so society norm.  Having a healthy body is important.  There is, however, more than the number on the scale or the size of your thighs that matter.  What matters most is the work that is done inside of a person who seeks to lose weight.   Alice and Daphne grow as individuals along the way as they discover the impact between their relationships with their bodies and all other aspects of their lives, especially within their marriages. 

Expectations are powerful and this book provides a look beyond the scale.  Well written with interesting characters, I recommend this book to those who are contemplating  a major weight loss plan. This book is not a manual for dieters, but rather, a look at how extreme we can become when looking for a quick fix.  It shows that even if one has a major weight loss goal, to keep it in perspective and not become so serious that you forget to enjoy life on the journey. 

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