Monday, August 1, 2011

New Month, extra Resolve

Today I feel empowered to be successful and determined to stick with my goal of losing this extra weight. I would like to lose 4 pounds this month. It is a reasonable goal and within my power to achieve. After I lose those pounds I am determined not to find them again! I may or may not shared that I have been working out a healthier lifestyle. 

It will take a patient journey to reach my goal of losing twenty pounds so I decided to share this "out loud" so to speak and ask you for your support.  I will blog about it on Mondays and share my successes and challenges with you. 

The journey I am taking will also teach me so much more than how many calories are in a Snickers bar. I will re-engage the inner muscle of discipline. Discipline...a trait that lends itself to all aspects of life. I will be stronger in many ways.  Along the way I will incorporate fun and humor at my foibles and take note of what I learn from my mistakes.  Life is not all about celery or carrot is what you make with them.

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