Saturday, August 13, 2011

Prayers are the Promise of Hope

We were so worried and distraught last week when our 7-year old grandson Luke became ill. He had a high fever and a backache. Naturally he was tired and his appetite was off too. My daughter and son-in-law determined that if he was not better in the morning they would take him to the doctor.

In the meantime a call for prayer went out to friends and family by phone, email and Facebook! We literally had prayer warriors giving all they had to pray for Luke.

 An hour after I returned home from visiting, I received a text from my granddaughter that they were taking him to emergency. A later text informed us he was  admitted and would have and MRI. His blood work showed high white blood cell counts and inflammation. The results were clear, the blood work and fever were still troubling.  Prayers were still pouring out, with more people were praying.

 His fever calmed down after a two night stay but came back after being home just one night. He had a CT scan the following morning...the blood work was done again. The CT scan was clear and the mystery was hanging in the balance. In the meantime, prayers were said in his room by my daughter and her husband, a couple from church and our pastor and his wife.

His fever broke and remained low that Sunday evening. It remained low and on Tuesday, he was released from the hospital. We never learned what caused this illness. Other than the tests, he was given nothing but Tylenol or ibuprofen to fight the fever. We are still unsure what happened but are so grateful he is well again and getting back to his wonderful self...I believe, though that he had a lot of help from UP Above....because prayers are often answered. Thank God and all who prayed for him!

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