Thursday, September 8, 2011

Ruthie's new shrug!

Meet Ruthie, my very own American Girl doll. She is wearing her new shrug, crocheted by
yours truly. I thought I would make this in time for fall.
I chose a crisp white baby soft yarn to accentuate the
trim on her "feed sack" dress, lovingly made by
 Kit Kittredge's mother. If you have read the books or
seen the movies about Kit, you will know that Kit is Ruthie's best friend.  They lived in the time of the Great Depression, when my mother was a girl. Mrs. Kittredge made lovely dresses out of the printed sacks, the same type of sacks my grandmother made tea towels and, most likely aprons. It was good quality cotton and women made good use of everything in those times to contribute to making their homes a haven and keep the family clothed. I could have listened to my mother and grandmother talk forever about those times as I was so curious!

I look forward to making more sweaters for Ruthie....I have a long navy blue one I will share with you after I get the buttons sewn on and her matching jeans and t-shirt sewn!  (I downloaded the pattern from the web so many months ago I will research where I got it so that I can give proper credit to the pattern designer.

Don't forget to enter the drawing for an eye shadow bundle from Mary Kay...the contest ends next Thursday, September 15th!

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  1. Beautiful Tribute. Such a horrible thing to forever remember. Emotional weekend for all. Have a wonderful week.

    Debbie, Mermaids of the Lake


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