Sunday, May 3, 2015

Reviewing The Legacy

The Legacy by Dan Walsh and Gary SmalleyTwo men collaborating on a work of fiction resulting in The Legacy by Dan Walsh and Gary Smalley was a different experience for me.  Book number 4 in the Restoration series this collaboration is a wonderful glimpse into a normal American family with two parents and three children. Normal from the outside at least, this family has its own share of challenges. Jim and Marilyn Anderson, parents of three grown children are facing challenges with their youngest son Doug, who is away at college and pulling further away from the family values.  Doug is enjoying the fruits of independence and ready to cut the family purse strings when his father issues a choice to abandon his relationship with a coed or support himself. Will his choices be worth his decision?

Doug is a gifted artist and is planning to enter a contest worth a $75,000 prize. This will be his ticket to paying his own way for the remainder of his college expenses and set him up as  a graphic novelist when he graduates. He is so confident he will win but is he over confident?

Read this compelling novel about a son and his loving parents who must meet in the middle to gain back their trust in each other.

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