Tuesday, May 26, 2015

The Heart of the Amish A Treasure for Study

The Heart of the AmishIf you would like a good book on renewal and forgiveness, I have one you can't miss. I enjoyed reading The Heart of the Amish by Suzanne Woods Fisher, It is not one of her captivating novels but rather a collection of stories on forgiveness. The power of forgiveness is that you do not know how wide its path will be but as sure as the sun comes up the impact is beyond imagination. I was compelled to limit myself to one story a day so that I could  savor the lesson learned. Imagine giving beyond measure to those who have wronged you and see them turn over time from trouble to good neighbors. Or how about wild teenage boys who could easily be sent away for the trouble they cause only tho have the innocent party intercede on their behalf. I shook my head more than one but the legacy of the Amish and wish that we had more of this type of peaceful living in our society today.

Suzanne Woods Fisher has a wealth of knowledge on the Amish and her books are favorites on my shelves. I look forward to her next book.

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