Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Happy Veteran's Day

The Eleventh Hour on the Eleventh Day in the Eleventh Month we celebrate the Armistice signed by the allies Germany signifying the end of battle on the western front of World War One.  Here in the United States we celebrate it as Veterans Day while in England and Canada they call it Remembrance Day.  It is our day to honor those who served our country. 
In my family, four of my brothers served in the United States Army and three of them were paratroopers! Our oldest brother Donald was not a paratrooper but chose the Army as his career.  After thirty years he stayed connected to his many friends as a very active member of the V.F.W. He had three tours of duty in Vietnam. Our second paratrooper, James served in Vietnam and was awarded the Purple Heart for injuries.  I am happy to say that all returned home safely to live full lives.

My sister decided to join as well since she wanted to see the world and the Army allowed her to do just that with time in Germany, where she met her future husband.  She made the most of her free time by traveling as much as she could in Europe and to this day still has the travel bug. 

My late Father-in-law served in the United States Marine Corp for six years in the Pacific during World War II and was awarded the Purple Heart. He was part of the Elite Radar Battalion.  My husband followed his father many years later into the corp.  He credits the discipline for making him the man he is today.

I am so proud of my family members who served our country and want to take a moment to just say Thank you.

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