Sunday, November 15, 2015

Reviewing Christmas in Vermont!

Christmas in Vermont is a heartwarming tale of love, laughter and discovery. Jack Reynolds is an ex-Marine visiting his home town of Woodstock Vermont at Christmas time.  His visit will be a mere two weeks as his girlfriend Melissa expects him to come to Miami to spend Christmas with her family, announce their engagement and accept a high paying job at her father's firm.  A tall order for someone who loves Christmas in Vermont.

 Hope Caldwell is new to Woodstock, having accepted a temporary job as a substitute third grade teacher at the local school.  She heard first hand about this beautiful hamlet from a Marine who saved her life when they were both injured during a school bombing in the middle east.  He kept her conscious by telling her all about his home in winter, summer, spring and fall.

It was everything he said it was and more, especially once they found each other again by chance at a simple party at his family home.  This is a poignant story of coming home and finding a reason to stay.  In making a difference to lives of friends and neighbors who needed him most, Jack Reynolds created a web of good works by doing small, thoughtful acts of kindness that had a huge impact on his community. Come to Vermont with me by reading Christmas in Vermont. If you are like me, you will want to catch the next plane out to visit with the wonderful people in Woodstock.  I checked out their website and the December calendar sounds like a  bit of Christmas heaven!  I am looking forward to my next book by Bryan Mooney and I expect it too will be a good read!

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