Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Sea Rose Lane Where Life Begins Again!

What do an out of work Corporate Attorney and a beautiful Architect/Contractor have in common?  Not much but for the merest chance meeting on Highway 101. He takes his eye off the road for just a moment on a sleepy coastal road in Oregon and meets the back end of a pickup truck.  This was not exactly the way Eric Nash meant to arrive back home in Hope Harbor after being downsized by his prestigious Portland law firm.  Stepping out of his BMW and coming face to face with BJ Stevens only topped the bad way his day was turning out.  She knew he had been texting while driving and it infuriated her. She had no time for the good looking, BMW driving corporate type who had stepped out to meet her. After assessing no real damage was done to her car she was on her way, happy to see the last of the likes of him.

Eric went on his way too but his day of surprises was far from over. Seeking the comforts of his boyhood home, he found instead a construction site!  His father was transforming the home into a Bed & Breakfast Inn and right in the midst of the job site was BJ Stevens and her crew.

Sea Rose Lane, by Irene Hannon is a story full of hope and new beginnings. For Eric, he must re-launch his partner track law career. For John Nash, the Inn will bring laughter and new memories back to his big empty home. BJ is on her way to recreating her career as a hands on architect with a love of building to keep things interesting. For her crew member Luis, his new life in America is about starting over. For Eleanor Cooper, it is filling lonely days confined to her home and using a walker.  All of these people have separate lives yet they are linked to create a wonderfully well written story.

Last summer I enjoyed reading Hope Harbor and the story of Tracy and Michael, who are back again along with the wise Taco Truck owner Charley. Once again Charley (who keeps irregular hours) is open at just the right time and dispensing just enough wisdom to get everyone's attention. How he seems to be in the know about everyone's story and what they need to hear to keep going is short or amazing.  Hope Harbor is a magical place and Sea Rose Lane is one of those books where you can feel the spray from the ocean and smell the succulent food from Charley's truck. I recommend this book as well as another look at Hope Harbor.

Sea Rose Lane is Irene Hannon's fiftieth published novel!  She in an award winning author with three coveted RITA Awards from Romance Writers of America among many other awards. Along with the Hope Harbor novels, she has kept me on the edge of my seat with her Men of Valor series, Private Justice series, Guardians of Justice series and more.  She is a master at character development and her research is impeccable!  Need I say more? Grab your copy today!

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