Saturday, January 8, 2011

Which Diet?!?!

Ah… you have to love this time of year brings because it brings out the latest in diet trends. Why I even saw I saw a Yoplait® 2-week tune up on their website and did it for one got in the way though. Once last year I did a Special K 2®-week drop a jean size plan too and stuck to it very well, but my jeans still fit exactly the same. I can get discouraged choosing the best and easiest program; after all, what most of us really look for is a quick fix!

The reality is that what will really work for me is regular food in reasonable portions from all food groups. Do you want to know the best diet there is in the entire world? The one you can stick to. The one that is not temporary and has lifelong habits you can incorporate now. I know it isn't going to come off as it did even 10 years ago, and it was hard to come to that realization. So I challenge us to persevere and make lasting changes. For some of us this weight crept up gradually and it will go away in the same way for most of us. Keep the faith my friends...and by the way…..Happy Birthday Elvis!

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  1. Hola querida, gracias por la visita, y realmente, este año, es un año de realizaciones, son tantos los proyectos que tratamos todos los años poner en marcha, pero en fin, se hace lo se puede, y claro esta, con muchas ilusiones y amor...



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