Thursday, January 13, 2011

Winter! Memories of a long winter smile

Winter 2008-2009 was a record year for snow on the ground in our city.  A heavy snow was on the ground until March.  In this picture, our then 5-year old grandson Luke took pleasure in helping Grandpa shovel the driveway.  I worried that he would tire easily or get cold.  No, he stuck with it until the job was done.  He was proud that he could do a big boy's job.  We love to look at these pictures and remember the times we spend together with such pleasure.  Now that he is a years old, he is still the sweet natured boy in this picture, made more lovable by his ever growing wonder at the world and enthusiasm for learning and helping others.  He is truly one of our greatest blessings.  This winter as we move from blizzards to rain to lots of snow to lots of rain, it is with such a lively heart when I can look at this cold season through the eyes of this child.

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  1. Hola querida,

    Que lindo es Lucas....como puede ser eso, que en toda parte del mundo donde hay nieve a los niños les encantan y son fuertes por resistir el frio y no se enfermaren, en cambio yo, con lo mas mínimo aire me quedo con me gusta el inverno, pero cuando veo que la gente que esta a mi alrededor son felices, aun en el inverno, hasta me gusta un poquito el inverno, porque la alegría contagian a cualquiera....



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