Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Fun Loving and Spoiled....Our New Kittens

Ginger Joe and Emma
About ten days ago we went looking for a new kitten.  The grandkids went along to make sure we picked just the right one (or, as they hoped, two). Our daughter reminded us that two kittens would keep each other company.  At our second stop we found Emma, an adorable little Tabby, our favorite breed of cat.  Jumping about the cage was little Ginger, her brother.  My husband requested a closer look and once out of the cage, Ginger Joe found the sweet spot of snuggling in his neck and creeping up so slowly to give him a good lick on the ear. That melted my husband's heart!  After knowing we couldn't leave Emma behind and seeing how well they played together, we decided to bring both kittens home.  Oh my we have not regretted it yet! They are such a source of entertainment and do get on so well.  While they do get rambunctious over all they are well behaved when it comes to being trained and quiet at bedtime and patient in the morning. It is their energy and fun loving spirit that is so enjoyable.  

We have taken them to the Veterinary Clinic twice.  Initially to the clinic contracted by the pet store and learned as confirmation that they were both healthy.  Yesterday we took them to our regular vet and just about everyone had to come in to see the babies.  Apparently it is so refreshing for them to see healthy young pets for a change.  They were so well behaved for their tests and shots the vet complimented us a lot.  Actually, all the good behavior is our good fortune in choosing two very good little kittens. 

On a side note, when hearing that our kittens were litter mates at the Pet Shop, our oldest grandson said "Oh good Grandma, you will have kittens if they are mates...." Ah, a different kine of mate but, his thoughts are ever so tender.


  1. OH MY GOODNESS! these kittens are adorable! I want to pick them up and cuddle them!


    I just had to come by because of your blog title...PINK anything gets me every time! Won't you come by and visit with me too! I'd love to have you!

    ciao bella


  2. They are adorable!!! There is nothing like a pair of kittens. We had two kittens in the house when I was in high school, and they were so fun to watch. Enjoy!


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