Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Ah....Road Rage-ous Driving!

I had an interesting road rage encounter with a mailman today...apparently I went ahead of my turn at a 4 way stop so he followed me closer and closer, swerving back and forth to get my attention...he had  my full attention, believe me! He kept raising his hand in a raging manner for nearly a mile when we got to the stop sign. He pulled up next to me and just screamed! And screamed some more. I had no idea what he was saying but I felt every word like a slap to my face. I kept saying I was sorry, using apologetic gestures as sincerely as I could beyond getting out of the car. He just ranted and raged, finally waving me away as if he swatted a fly before turning the corner in the direction of the post office.  I had to go to a doctor appointment but afterwards I stopped by the post office and spoke to the manager. Apparently this postman carried his anger to the workplace as the manager had already heard about it. I mentioned that I made a mistake by turning out of turn but the postman's behavior was unbecoming of anyone wearing the uniform of a government agency. I proceeded to tell him what had occurred and his jaw dropped! He indicated that this postman has had issues with anger; it wasn't the first time! He assured me he was going to call the fellow's supervisor at the post office the man was based out of. He said this behavior had to stop. The manager also said he makes mistakes himself and that he was sorry that this had happened. I was sorry I missed my turn in line, it was unintentional but seriously that man's behavior carried things too far. Good grief! They know the guy has anger problems! I know people who would love to have his job who have no anger problems.....

I believe there is too much anger in society today. Kindness and a little patience go a long way. Practicing it in the car is a pretty good idea and keeps a little more civility on the roadways!

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  1. Wow Mardell, I'm so sorry that happened to you~ unbelievable!
    Good for you that you went to report his actions! Just senseless....


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