Monday, December 19, 2011

And all through the house....

This Christmas has been a challenge with Emma and Ginger, our two adolescent cats. Just like other cats before them they instantly made way to make the space  underneath the tree their fort.  But unlike our other cats before them, they look upon the tree as their own personal mobile and like a child, enjoy reaching out to the splendors above. On a quiet evening spent relaxing below while we watched Christmas movies, they enjoyed open season on this new territory. I was horrified by this scene when I came upstairs after the movie. My husband laughed surprisingly and we both took to straightening up this playground but first I had to shoot pictures or the family would hardly believe the scope of this escapade and would put it all down to embellishing the story for the telling!  


I found Ginger rolling around the Christmas tree skirt.                                                                                             How he moved this from under the tree remains a mystery!

Apparently they like lighthouses as much as I do!

Do they like Santa or just his jingle bell on the tip of the hat?

Emma loves being under the tree on her terms. Her new favorite game is batting around anything that moves so she can have the pleasure of watching the tree shake!

He is deciding which side he loves best on his delicate coat: the velvet or the satin!
Needless to say, there are no presents waiting under the tree yet.
However, both Emma and Ginger are learning the meaning of the word no. And, to  ease your minds on kitty safety, measures have been taken to protect them from mishap and mayhem. 

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