Saturday, December 3, 2011

Hand-Me Down Pie Pans

My  Betty Crocker Cookbook, with its spine covered in duct tape has  seen my through  holidays and regular days so I don't have the heart to replace it.

Here is my favorite pumpkin pie recipe;
 you can't see them but there are spots on the pages from busy baking days gone by. 

This pie pan was my grandmother's. I love its unique shape and wonder how many different pies she baked in this pan. Maybe my mother helped her bake pies with this pan when she was a girl.

This Wearever deep dish pan belonged to my husband's grandmother.
 Looking inside, I wonder how many pieces of pie have been sliced in this aluminum pan.

This Pyrex pan is from my Grandmother. I struggled with the handles at first. Learning to make crust easily became one of my earliest baking frustrations as a bride. My sister baked a beautiful pie every week for her husband and for the longest time I couldn't follow in her footsteps for my husband. I tried old fashioned lard and then shortening to no avail. Next I thought how easy it would be to make the oil pastry. Wrong again. My neighbor helped me with this problem over tea during nap time for our girls.  Following her advice  using ice cubes in the water the recipe called for made it easier.  

Another Pyrex from Grandma, this one a simple 9" size, just right for the two of us.
 I didn't realize Pyrex held a place of honor  in a homemaker's kitchen for so many years until I discovered
the company incorporated in 1915. She likely replaces a pan here or there as the years went by. Knowing both women used these pans and kept them free from nicks and chips for many years I treasure them.  


  1. With a cute name like Pink Granny, I just had to come say "Hi" and read your blog!
    I have two pie pans belonging to my grandmothers. One is enamel ware and a bit chipped, so it is part of the kitchen decor. Baking or cooking with something someone you loved used, just makes things taste better!
    ♥ Jil

  2. I am always amazed at how much we have in common. I love to bake pies, too, and have inherited some precious pans. I really love the shape of your hexagon shaped pie pan, and have never seen another like it. But, what really cracked me up is the duct taped Betty Crocker cook book. I have an exact replica sitting on my cookbook shelf, duct tape and all, except my duct tape is lime green. hehe!


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