Tuesday, April 9, 2013

April at the Lake

We spent this past weekend at the family's cabin on Priest Lake. My husband's parents bought this wonderful property in 1961 when their 7 children were young.  This is a great place to bring kids where they can run exploring to their hearts content, swim, look for minnows and float on large old inner tubes. Memories at the lake are stuff of legend. We took our girls up for weekends and vacations and now our grandchildren are enjoying this legacy.  They are the fifth generation to enjoy this incredible haven in a busy world. 

 We are prepared for any weather as seasoned veterans of many storms, such as the one brewing in this picture. Rain or shine, this view across the lake is breathtaking to me.

 First order of business is to raise the flag! 
Our grandson, barely visible in his red hooded sweatshirt, 
helps Grandpa with this important task that one day he will do by himself.  
A teachable moment, he learns the importance of flag etiquette.

Up up she goes! 

Notice the dock at the top of this picture.
When the water rises, perhaps in about six weeks, 
the dock will be floated out to the water 
welcoming us for fishing, swimming, skiing or tubing. 

Up at last is the Marine Corps. flag, honoring my father-in-law, a WWII veteran, and my husband, also a veteran of the Marines. In addition to the Marines, our family enjoys a rich tradition of service; two of our  brothers-in-law retired from the Army and Navy respectively. When their families are staying at the lake the Army or Navy flag is raised, showing who is in residence. Otherwise the Marine Corps. flag is the default flag. It is a tradition that started many years ago. No matter which flag is raised, it fills me with pride to honor years of dedicated service. 


  1. What a lovely place to have for your family, and a very beautiful way to honor all veterans.

  2. Wonderful rich history of your lake home. I have my Dad's flag given to Mom at his (Army) funeral. Wish I could plant it at our lake, but we are so isolated there that I'm afraid it would be quickly gone. We had a break-in of our 5th wheel last year and nothing seems safe there any longer.


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