Tuesday, April 2, 2013

It is Spring time in the Northwest!

Spring is here and I hope it stays around for a while. Easter Sunday was warm and sunny for the first time in six years. And it was earlier this year.  Monday came on sunny and warm and Tuesday has held out on the promise of good things to come. It is distracting. It is wonderful. I feel like I should call it an early day and go home to work in my perennial beds. The plants are peeking up from the dirt and the trees have buds on the tips of their branches.

I can do some things but it is hard not to go out an try to do as much I can to promote an early bloom of my favorite flowers. Why not? Why not spend time before and after work getting that head start that is often elusive with the cold and rainy springs we often get in the northwest.

Reality sinks in as I remember rainy and sometimes frosty weather; the Cottonwood that chokes our garden in mid-June. Then there are the definite times that compete with the garden. It is a fine balance to get it just right so that in late July I can sit back in my lounge chair with a good book and tall iced tea and take in the lovely views of all the flowers and in bloom. I will be looking for a view like the picture above from a few years ago, early on in the season. ah....this one is before our new fence. How happy I am that project is over with!

What I can do now is take stock of some projects we talked of putting off until spring. There is a lot to do. I am eager to see what happens when our dreams come to fruition. Will it be a water feature, revamping the rock garden or carving out a new spot for flowers? Is it just me or do others' plan and dream lie this every spring?


  1. Hola querida,

    Con la primavera llega muchas cosas positivas, a mi me gusta mucho.....


  2. I have been planning for a long time. Hope to see another picture of your garden when everything is in full bloom. I notice that the Chinese lanterns are already coming up against my fence. Are yours?


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