Saturday, April 27, 2013

Check on Dolly

When I was a girl I loved watching old movies where the kids go up to the attic and find lots of treasures that were long forgotten. A dress, a rocking horse or a lamp hidden because of a gaudy shade.

I am very nostalgic and saved many things over the years. If I could have, I would have saved more. This playpen once held all the napping Cabbage Patch Dolls residing or visiting our home along with Teddy Bears, our cat Sophie and even my great-nephew Jeff when he was an infant.

I brought this out about a week ago while babysitting my 22-month old granddaughter. She brought along Dolly and we had a good time playing. We tried on doll clothes I made many years ago that fit and put her down for a nap in the play pen. Dolly fell asleep and Ada went on to play with other toys. Every once in a while though she would get up and say "Check Dolly" and off she went to look in on Dolly. It was precious to see her take such care of Dolly. It was a day well spent with my special girl and her doll. I hope we spend many more days like this, especially as I make more clothes for both of them.

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