Friday, June 14, 2013

June Special!

I am getting so organized with my Thirty-One products. It is an incredible feeling for this woman who can attract clutter on a dining room table in a heartbeat.

More than this though is how much fun I am having with my products for travel. No more paper bags full of groceries ripping on the way to the door the cabin. No more wimpy re-usable bags to flip and spill in the back of the car. Look at how nice and neat the totes sit on the counter at the cabin!

                                                                                                                                                                                                Taking the Large Utility Tote along for a day out fishing makes sense too. The large straps make it easy to secure your goodies while navigating to that perfect spot. Ah I can just feel the sun on my face and know it is going to be a relaxing day out.

 This is  a picture my friend took on her trip to the ocean. I can't wait until my vacation because I will be using mine for the same thing when we take our grand-kids to the ocean. Beach towels, sunscreen and plenty of snacks in one of our thermals. What could be easier!

If you like a sale as much as I do, you can save 70% on one of these bags! For the month of June for every $35.00 you spend you can purchase the Large Utility Tote for $10.00. There are 23 prints to choose from!  Ordering is easy:

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