Tuesday, June 4, 2013

My Entrepreneurial Spirit is Soaring....

I am so happy that I decided to venture into the Direct Sales business. For this baby-boomer, it is a welcome relief from the corporate world. I love the flexibility. I love the variety of products available and being first to know what is coming out in the new season.

I had no idea that my Thirty-One business would be such a pleasure. I enjoy meeting new people and the products are amazing.  Every month there is a special that is tremendous savings. My customers eagerly await to see what the next special is so they can continue on their quest to make their lives simpler and organize their homes.

I have about six of these Large Utility Totes and here is one way I use mine:

Here are two of  my Large Utility Totes. They are filled with food and miscellaneous items needed for a recent trip to the lake. It is much handier than taking bags that can slip, rip and not adaptable to the odd shapes we take along. The bags are sturdy while light-weight.

This trip we also took one along loaded with books, shoes and my toiletry bags. The tote is so versatile that I have one in the back of the Jeep when I go running errands. We put one in the back of the car for trips to corral items like sand buckets for the grand-kids.

I have one in my guest room closet with the lid that is also available to store off-season sweaters.  My husband is on board now that he sees how many ways we can use these great Utility Totes.  Change is not always easy for him but lets face it, if it makes life easier, the change is worth it.

The bag in front is an Organizing Utility Tote that I take shopping and often as a road trip companion. It has pockets all around!  I will tell you more about this amazing bag another day!


  1. Interested in knowing exactly what you are doing now??????? email me!

  2. It is very satisfying indeed to find your true passion. Best of luck!


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