Thursday, June 20, 2013

Postcard Friday

Here is a look at downtown Spokane Washington on the corner of Main & Post. This postcard was taken many years before I was born judging by the cars but what a sight it is to see the old Pay Less Drug store, a favorite haunt for my mother. She bought her Breck shampoo there and browsed the sales.  She loved the after Christmas sale and purchased cards for the next year.

It is easy to spot the Pratt Furniture Store, a long time business downtown. My husband and I bought our first pieces of furniture there on their installment plan. It was a dinette set with chairs. Across the street from the furniture store was the Post Street Theater. One screen and they had ushers who made sure you minded your manners. The theater some times held the Children's Theater's live plays.

Further down is the old Montgomery Ward's store. It is an Art Deco-styled building that has been restored and houses our city hall. What fun it is to visit days gone by in pictures unchanged and still as good as the days you last visited.


  1. Thanks for the blast from the past. We moved up here (from CA) in '68 and remember that strip of storeS along with the Crescent and a dress shop the name of which slips my memory.

    Finished a Baldacci book last night and will have to find a new one to read 'cause its STILL RAINING!!

  2. Hola querida,

    Bonita foto y q antigua encanta la informaciĆ³n que nos ha dado...



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