Sunday, February 13, 2011

Musing about fabric.

Last week I mentioned that I ran short of fabric for the border of the dinosaur quilt project I have been working on bit by bit. I measured the remaining two colors and decided to purchase more of those too in order to circumvent yet another trip to the quilt shop. All three batik prints were available. Whew.

I cut and sewed the remaining gold print. I was getting ready to press the quilt top when I noticed three small holes evenly spaced along the top of the fabric. my heart sank. Another trip to the quilt shop. Don't get me wrong, I like to visit the quilt shop but it can be tricky to get out of there alive without spending even more money than I planned.  I just went. Friday morning I drove over there with a firm resolve to leave with my billfold secured to my purse.  The clerk was mortified when I showed her the holes.  She had just asked me if I had used a needle that was too large only to eat her words when she looked closer.  No fabric is immune from flaws whether it is utility cloth or fine woolen.  This I learned in a prior career with the retail fabric industry. The owner concurred and I received my 7" of goldenrod batik.

I like to buy fabric at this local quilt shop; the owner is so kind and creative. I think I could spend the day there.  But for every hour I spend the more I see and the more I want to spend. Her shop is cozy, she is honest and helpful and buying locally helps her with her livelihood. Fortunately I made it out the door without spending but I am still thinking of all the possible projects I could do next time. The dinosaurs await so I best get back to the project. I will show pictures too.


  1. Oh, I had to come by because of your blog name!
    I love me some Pink Grannys! Your quilt runs sound like fun. Hope any more defective materials don't find their way to you anymore! I always wanted to quilt, I just don't have the skill or patience...not sure which!
    Hugs, Heidi

  2. I know exactly what you mean about spending time in quilt shops. the longer you stay, the more you buy! Hope you had a great FNSI.

    Angie -

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    Hope this helps. Leave another comment on a post on my blog and I'll check again for you.

  4. Sorry...didn't work again.
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  5. Hola querida,

    Sé perfectamente lo que es eso de esta en una tienda de telas, a mi me pasa igual, pierdo la noción del tiempo.....y que lastima lo que te ha pasado con la tela, pero al menos has podido recuperar tu dinero, y la ilusión no se pierde, puedes volver al proyecto con otra tela....aunque es un fastidio cuando ya tenemos planeado algo....


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