Sunday, February 6, 2011

A Super Sunday!

Today is Super Bowl Sunday and the house was lively.  The laughter and chatter did my heart good on a drab Sunday.  Did I watch the big game?  NO....I was in the kitchen stuffing manicotti and deciding which pan to bake ziti in!  While I cooked I watched the Murder She Wrote Marathon.  The guys were up long enough to fill their plates befoe disappearing quickly. 

I had the best of both worlds today!  Good food and the joy of spending time with my family. 

Tomorrow  I am going to the quilt shop!  My current project is a dinosaur quilt top for my seven year old grandson.  It is nearly finished but I didn't quite have enough for the extra borders.  The original size of the quilt was that of a throw but I decided it would be more fun if  the quilt covered his double bed.  The gals at the quilt shop helped me convert it to the size I wanted.  I just need a bit more.  Wish me luck at the store.  It would be a nuisance if they were out of the fabric! 

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  1. ooh, can't wait to see the dino quilt! I loved your comment, and am impressed you have your home ec spool. I don't think I could use it, just save it as a keepsake, but I'm kind of like a pack rat. :)


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