Saturday, February 12, 2011

Tonkas and Thomas

Today I “drove” a big yellow Tonka truck. I read about Grover being frightened by the Monster at the End of This Book. I watched Thomas the Train, read about Thomas the Train and played with Thomas the Train. Our 19-month old grandson is spending the night with us. He loves Thomas the Train and all cars, trucks and anything that can be moved.

Spending time with my grandchildren gives me insight into parenting that would have been great when I was a young mother. Sometimes I remember times my patience could have been better. Time is a great teacher. Steven Curtis Chapman wrote a song called “One Little Heartbeat at a Time.” When I hear the words it reminds me how important being a mother is. We may be tired, we may wish we had other things to do but we make a difference in this world one little heartbeat at a time. Here is a link to this song; crank it up and let the words sink in.

Then play cars or dolls or read lots of books. Work is important but children are only little for a little while.

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