Thursday, February 5, 2015

Review: Steadfast Heart

I had the pleasure last month to read my first book written by Tracie Peterson. In Steadfast Heart, first of the Brides of Seattle Series we learn more about the early days of the Emerald City on the other side of the Cascade Mountains. Set in 1888, before Washington became a state the city was rife with industries that made the city what is today.  It was thriving with the sawmills making lumber from the logging industry, a strong seaport and with the coming of the railroad made the world a little smaller.

Two young ladies are at the heart of our story. Lenore Fulcher, twenty years old and only daughter of Josiah Fulcher, well to do business owner. Abrianna Cunningham, ward of Mrs. Madison, of the Madison Bridal School. Two pretty young women from very different backgrounds yet the best of friends.

Lenore's parents feel she has lingered too long as a maiden and wish her to marry. She wishes to marry for love yet her parents are intent on having her consider a suitor nearly forty.  For all the wealthy indulgences by her parents, she is unspoiled, kind and doesn't wish to dishonor her parents. Her luck may change when she meets an attorney from Chicago who is searching for his young sister who ran away from home to attend the Madison Bridal School.

Abrianna is convinced that she is unfit for marriage since she cannot master even the simplest domestic task of baking cookies or ironing clothes.  She is intent on doing the Lord's work on the docks, clothing and feeding the city's poor.  She is pursued by Mr.Welby, a man intent on buying the Madison Building so  he can be closer to his business concerns on the docks.

The old ladies who run the Madison Bridal School run a strict business training young ladies to become accomplished wives while enjoying the opportunity to safely meet men looking for a wife. Nobody considered selling the building, the property left to Mrs. Madison by her late husband, until a series of crimes are committed near the doorstep of the the school.

Kolbein, the young attorney is smitten with Lenore and Wade, close friend to Abrianna, wanted her to stop roaming the docks with her charitable acts. Both men keep a watchful eye on things near the school.  Dangerous times were had in Seattle in those lawless days and men did what they could to protect those they loved.

While there are many spoilers I could share, I cannot say more except there is definitely the opening for a second book in the series.

Thank you Tracie Peterson, for an entertaining book for the gloomy days of winter.

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