Monday, February 9, 2015

Reviewing The Amish Clockmaker!

I thoroughly enjoyed reading the Amish  Clockmaker by Mindy Starns Clark and Susan Meissner from Harvest House Publishers. This book was the first book this genre I have read from a man's point of view and in a wonderful way the story is told in the perspective from two men, decades apart who become inextricably wound together.
Product DetailsThe story is present day but flashes back to the re-telling of a tale from the fifties about the clockmaker. Clayton Raber was a man who seemed to have been dealt with the wrong hand in the game of life. Left lame from a childhood buggy accident he was also scarred on his face, a scar that gave people impression he was small in many ways. He was gifted in his craft but his work was renowned also for its beauty as well as craftsmanship. He was a thoughtful man who loved very deeply with a genuine heart. He never dreamed of marrying and when he did, it was no less than to the woman he loved beyond the gate of their adjoining farms. The circumstances of their marriage and her untimely death shrouded Clayton in such controversy that he left home, never to return.

Matthew Zook, a young man whose family bought the Raber farm, grew up in Clayton's room and worked in the same shop Clayton did. His family's business is a feed and tack store that Matthew recently took leadership of and he intends to expand.  Next door to the property a large resort is being built and once his crew gathers to begin work, he discovers news that may forever put his project on hold.  He sets out to clear up the mystery and discovers the truth about the story of Clayton and Miriam Raber.

This is the third book in the Men of Lancaster County series and I am on the lookout now for books one and two.  I recommend this book for anyone who is interested in Amish Fiction.

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