Sunday, February 22, 2015

Reviewing Where The Rivers Part

Where Rivers Part, Texas Gold Series #2   -     By: Kellie Coates Gilbert
Dr. Juliet Ryan, noted scientist has the job of her dreams with Larimar Springs. She has a vested interest in food safety as the daughter of Dr. Bennett Ryan who is eminent in the field of food safety and sustainability.  When Juliet was just a child she learned of an outbreak of e coli at a fast food chain that left a lasting impact on her.  She is dedicated to her work and chose Larimar Springs primarily because of assurances by the CEO Alexa Carmichael's stance on food safety.  It didn't hurt that she was quietly seeing Greer Latham, V.P. of sales for the corporation.  She was convinced that she had the best job in the world with a company that cared so much for humanity. Her father differed with her on this and stuck with his mantra that corporate America was only out for money and did not care who they hurt to keep the money pouring in.

I wasn't sure if I would enjoy Where the Rivers Part at first since I have been on a reading jag with period pieces or Amish fiction. I was very surprised to get started and immediately hooked on this book.
Juliet's world spirals out of control on just about all levels and the novel became suspenseful. The characters were well developed and I kept wondering what was going to happen next when I had a chance to pick it up again. Predictably in a book or movie, we can get an idea that something is going to go wrong at the perfect job or the perfect relationship.  At the heart of this book we have very real people who we root for and those who surprise us. It is those who rally around the heroine who can surprise us the most because we don't expect that. In a rousing testament of faith, Juliet's mother inspires both Juliet and Bennett back to God and the shift in them makes the story all the more meaningful. I thought the book was good and the ending is even better. Pick up a copy and get involved in this caper of good and evil!

Many thanks to Revell, a Division of Baker Publishing Group for letting me read and review this book.  Where the Rivers Part is part of the Texas Gold series by Kellie Goates Gilbert. I have found another author to follow.

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