Friday, January 6, 2012

Inspired by Grace

Inspired by Grace
fashions for dolls,
gifts and little girls

fashioned by Mardell 

After experiencing a lengthy job search I am listening to a small voice that has been telling me to use my sewing talents to create doll clothes that will delight little girls in their imaginary world of play.

I am opening a new chapter in my life to create fashions for dolls and little girls. I am also going to create lovely pillows, accessories and gift items. I am also teaching private sewing lessons to young teen girls. Perhaps this is what I’m meant to do after all.

I am going to continue selling my Mary Kay products because I love how pampered I feel using Timewise® Anti-aging products

In this economy jobs are scarce and by keeping myself busy with my sewing, watching my grandchildren grow and volunteering.  I have a rich life, one that I am so blessed to be living. 

Perhaps at the right time, a wonderful job will present itself, or so my sister tells me. For now I’m sorting my fabric stash, organizing my cluttered sewing space and determining the possibilities each piece of fabric possesses.

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