Monday, January 2, 2012

The tree is down...what next?

The tree is down, making The season officially over in our house because the tree is down. The kittens are approaching a year old now but they are still pretty mischievous. Every where we turned, Emma was underfoot taking a last bat at her favorites before they were gone for good. Ginger Joe sat in the background observing....until the vacuum came out. He couldn't get outside soon enough.Now that I have the vacuuming done I have a fresh outlook on our decorating. New furniture is not on my agenda but new pillows would definitely give the living room a new look with little more than the cost of my time. I have a vast stash with numerous options! Remnants purchased with pillows in mind. Often when I am searching for just the right piece of fabric I can't find it. Nowadays I scour remnant bins for large pieces that are marked down at least 50%.  My inspiration is also sparked by trips downtown to Macy's or the Pottery Barn. This week while I clean up the sewing room I will take a look at what I have and get busy planning. I also have an abundance of trim, cording and other notions to have a lot of fun with this.

Does anyone else feel inspired to perk up the house when the decorations are down? 

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  1. My tree is down and my thoughts are turning toward a little stitching too. I haven't decided just what to make yet although I did buy some fabric for throw pillows way back in November!


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