Thursday, December 9, 2010

Santa Says....fill me with Christmas Cookies soon!

I forgot to bring up my Santa Cookie jar when I was bringing up all my Christmas treasures!  I soon remedied this and here is a peek at him sitting in his place of honor:

A quick look shows he is full of cheer waiting to put the logs on the fire.  A few moments of watching his sweet face and I reminded myself that my grandkids would be stopping by after school and poor Santa was empty!  Children are hungry after school.  Cookie Jars on tables, especially Santa Cookie Jars are inviting and woe is the disappointment in the heart of a child, especially a hungry child who opens a cookie jar to find it empty.

I have not started my cookie baking yet and hadn't decided what to make first so I quickly made a batch of good old fashioned Chocolate Chip Cookies.  The last pan came out of the oven just minutes before they arrived.

It was fun to see them take in the Santa and the cookies warm from the oven.  I was so happy to share their afternoon with them.  I added some white chips to the batter, hoping they didn't mind and they didn' grandson looked at me and said "You make the bestest cookies."  Oh that made all that scurrying in the kitchen so worthwhile, the appreciation of those special children!  These unplanned moments are the ones I treasure the most. 

Now to plan my baking schedule for Christmas!

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