Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Thirty Day Challenge

This past month I focused on giving more of myself for the Thirty Day Challenge.  Money is not the only way to give to others and I found focusing on others to be rewarding  while learning more about people. 

Often times while driving I can lose my patience quickly if the traffic conditions or actions of others is not to my convenience.  I learned that this is just not always about me.  Others can be just as impatient.  Now and then I practice an exercise that I implemented regularly in November.  That little practice is a simple smile when I encounter other drivers.  Are they turning left in front of me?  Can I take time to let someone in my lane when the lane is blocked ahead?  I find that a smile, even across steering wheels goes a long way.  A quick smile back tells me that they are more relaxed....or a little more patient.

Taking time to think of things to do for others at home also has a positive result.  When I stop to think of how thoughtful my husband is it can be a challenge to anticipate something I can do for him.  The secret is in the small things like keeping up with routine household chores that are only noticed when they got missed for a day or two.  Clean socks, every day...dinner on time or providing a safe haven from stress are invaluable.  I can't go into each and every mundane thing but...they are important.  Little things that I take for granted are so appreciated by others and if it is a chore I don't especially like the more I know it was received with grace and a feeling of gratitude. 

I am going to continue working on this during the month of December; it is a rich way to live and the blessings are innumerable although I am not doing this for my own grattification, it rewards me too!


  1. What a sweet photograph of you on your sidebar! I love your post today! I love to be in my car. I look it as the perfect time to pray. About my Tag Along, thank you for inquiring. A beginner only needs a paper cutter, glue stick, Pop Dots, perhaps hot glue gun, printed paper and card stock, a hole punch, scissors. These are all I use for all the paper crafts you see on my blog and perhaps paper punches. Few tools, lots of creativity. A tag is 3x6. I use what I call the "Sandwich Method" Card stock "sandwiched" between two printed sheets of paper. Other layers are then added to these. I have found over time, the tags will remain stiff instead of bowing. Paper can be any 12 sheets that you like keeping in mind you will be using them for every month; so have a few darks, light, etc. My own method of crafting is "Use What's on Hand". It causes the eye to look at supplies in a new way. No cheating! There are lots of tutorials that can be found on my sidebar under Things You Are Looking For, Tag Along. Click on this to see how I make my tags. Even if you only make one tag this next year, please let me know, and please share it with us! Thank you so much for visiting! Elizabeth

  2. I try to live like this all year long! A great reminder to us all!

  3. It is good to live this way all year long and as the days meld one to the other, we tend to get comfortably complacent. I love these reminders because, after all, finding that special joy in giving once again after a lapse brings joy to all involved. Thanks for stopping by.

  4. Oh Pink Granny! My blog is very, very long! My entire first year of blogging was only stories from my remarkable childhood. Day 1 was posted three years ago, Day 2 IS the sequel..... for that girlfriend! Thank you so much for visiting. PS I love the little bib you made for your grandson! Have a lovely weekend! Elizabeth


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